Fire Burning By Sean Kingston

fire burning by sean kingston

Today we are going to focus on one of the most danceable song of all time, which is called Fire Burning, it was released by Sean Kingston. Sean Kingston produced very few recordings, but all of them were so popular songs in 2008 and 2009. “Fire Burning” is one of them. So let’s concentrate on some of the details of this song –

“Fire Burning” was released as the lead single by reggae musician Sean Kingston. It was his second studio album called Tomorrow.

The song was written by Bilal Hajji, Redone and Kisean Anderson. “Fire Burning” contain Dance Pop and Electro Pop music. The Tempo of This song was 120 beats per minute. The song’s instrument consists of percussive sounds and Heavy Synthesizers. To Promote this song, Sean released this song on his MySpace webpage. On April 24, 2009, it was released as digital download as well as promoted on radio stations. The music video of this song shows Sean Kingston’s Audi R8 in it. On June 15, 2009, Fire Burning music video was premiered on MTV. Iyaz and Rick Ross make a cameos appearance in the video. The music video of this song was directed by Gil Green. The song premiered first time by Sean Kingston for the first time at the Teen Choice Awards 2009.

“Fire Burning” generally received positive reviews from the music critics. From Digital Spy, Alex Gletcher told that “This song has all the making a classic summer anthem.” “The song was the most danceable single yet reviewed” by Michael Menachem from Billboard.

This song debuted at number 29 position on the Billboard hot 100 in the United States. On the Canadian hot hundred, the song reached at number two position and it remain for 8 weeks. It was at number 9 position in Japan hot 100. On the South African singles charts, it reached at number one. “Fire Burning” reached number 7 position on the US Billboard Pop Songs. It was certified silver in the United Kingdom, in the United States, this song was certified as 2 times platinum.

Till July 22, 2012,  this song sold over 3 million downloads. On his MySpace page, this song was played more than 13 million times.

Now as we have some information of this song but instead of information, we have to listen to the song more and more because I can’t handle myself to listen to this song. Can’t wait for this. If you like Sean Kingston’s Fire Burning then you might also like some of the greatest dance songs of the 90s here.