Tired of Being Sorry By Enrique Iglesias

tired of being sorry enrique iglesias

Today we are going to discuss about one of the greatest singer in the world called Enrique Iglesias. Nobody could match his vocals style. He is so unique in the music industry and today we are going to discuss about he’s one of the greatest hits single song called “Tired of Being Sorry.” It was his one of the most successful single song of all time. So let’s focus on some of the details of the song –

It is song by Spanish singer and songwriter called Enrique Iglesias which was released in the year of 2007 from his album called Insomniac. It achieved success in European countries in 2007 topping the charts in top 10 positions. In the year of 2008, it was recorded with French singer called Nadiya. It become hit  in countries like Belgium and France.

It is a cover song of band called Ringside. It was written and produced by Scott Thomas who is the lead singer and writer of this Indie Band.

The music video of this song was directed by Jessy Terroro. Jessy worked previously with Enrique in music video called Do You Know. Music video of this song was inspired by the movie called Blade. In the video of the song depict Eglesias as a Vampire perched to the top of a building from the Los Angeles Skyline, remembering how he was turned.

He started with an argument to his girlfriend and later found a vampire looking girl in the middle of the street. Seductive model was none other than Donna Feldman. In this video he start following her she took him into the club and later bite him on his nake.

Enrique started examining his nake in the mirror and found the bite on his neck, later he realised that his reflection get disappeared. In the end of the video Enrique met up with his girlfriend and get disappeared in a thin air.

Now let’s focus on the some charts positions of the song. In Russia, it was certified as 3 times platinum by selling more than 600 thousand copies. It top the chart in Romania. However it reached at number 20 position in the United Kingdom which is lower than his previous released song Do You Know.

Critically, this song received so many positive reviews from the music critics. Music critics praised for its catchy melodies and great vocals by Enrique Iglesias. The lead instrument used in the song was a guitar. This song influenced by other music genres like pop and Rnb. If You like this article then you have to check this article on 90s Hits List songs.


Bad Romance By Lady Gaga

Bad Romance

Today we are going to discuss about one of the best single song released by Lady Gaga in 2009 called Bad Romance. She is one of the biggest Pop Stars in the world. It is one of her best released single song ever. Let’s focus on some of the details of this single.

It is a song by American singer called Lady Gaga from her 3rd extended play which is called The Fame Monster, which was released in the year of 2009. The song was written and produced by Gaga and Redone. Lyrics of this song expose gaga’s attraction to individuals Romance never works her lonely relationship and the Paranoia experience while on tour. Following an illegal lic of the demo song, she later released the final product of the song at Alexander McQueen’s show at the Paris Fashion Week in October 2009 and followed by the release of single cover art.

Musically, it features spoken Bridge a full threaded chorus and sung lyrics about being in love from one of your best friend. The song took influence from Germany Sq house as well as techno music. It is also inspired from 1980’s and 1990’s music. This song contains few lyrical lines in French.

Critically, this song received so many positive results and enticed by Bad Romance which they declared this song as one of the highlights of her album called The Fame Monster. The song was included in the best lists in several media magazines such as Rolling Stones Pitchfork media and it has won Grammy Awards for Best Performance and Best Female Pop Vocal. It also received a Grammy award for Best Short Form Music Video Award. In the US, it take that number 2 on the Billboard hot 100 and eventually it has been certified 11 time Platinum by Recording Industry Association of America. It has sold nearly 5.6 million digital download as for April 2015. The song achieved its worldwide success by topping the charts in a variety of markets ultimately selling 12 million copies worldwide and becoming one of the best selling singles of all time.

The music video of the song features Lady Gaga’s inside white bath house. She gets Kidnapped by a group of supermodels and try to sell her and drug her to the Russian mafia for sexual slavery. The music video ends with the killing the man who bought her. The music video received 7 MTV music awards in 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

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MTV Channels History

MTV channels History,

Today we are going to discuss about MTV channels History. It is the one of the biggest music channels in the world. Today they industry leader in the music business. Now let’s focus on some of the details of MTV.

MTV is a short form of Music Television, it is an American Television channel which is owned by viacom music and entertainment group. The channel is headquartered in New York City, USA. It was launched on August 1, 1981. The purpose of this channel was to host music by VJ’S. In the beginning of this channel they targeted young adults but few years later they started to target teenagers in the world.

MTV have 6 sister Channels in the United States alone. They also partnered or affiliated with the other international music channels.

In February 2015, more than 93 million american householders have MTV channel.

The Original purpose of the MTV is to play music 24 hours a day and 7 days in a week. The original quote of this channel was “You Will Never Look At Music The Same Way Again.”  Well the original channel is no longer playing music 24/7. While several of its sister Channels do. Fan of its channel can play their favourite music by voting their favorite song.

At the beginning of this channel MTV refused black artists music. It was created to promote rock music only. But later Michael Jackson Proved that there is no racism in music. First he struggled a lot to feature in this channel but later he cracked the code.

CBS founder forced MTV to promote black music artists music, he said if they don’t want to play black people music then they will unable to play any other record label music on their channel. Because of this pressure they started to play Michael Jackson’s Music Video called Billie Jean in 1983. Then they increased the frequency of this song on this channel.

In the late 80’s, other black music artists were also get promoted on this channel. Artists like LL Cool J. And Prince found their ways to sell more music and get the popularity. These days MTV plays more R&B artists music as well as rap music. They also host their own MTV music award show.

Fans like you and me always support MTV because they always great music on their channel from hip hop to rock, dance to Pop all types of music they play these days.

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Biography of Chris Brown

Chris Brown Biography

Today we are going to discuss about one of the most famous pop music artists called Chris Brown. His music was so intense to his fans, he also grabbed so many attention of media by his girlfriend called Rihanna. Now let’s focus on the some of the detailed information about Chris Brown.

Christopher Maurice Brown was born in May 5, 1989. He is an American singer songwriter dancer and actor. He learnt singing and dancing at very young age, he also participated in various other local competitions. He get signed with Jive Records in the year of 2004. In 2005 he released his self titled album. This album peaked at number 2 in Billboard Hot 200 Charts. It was later certified as double Platinum by Recording Industry of America. Chris Brown becomes first artist top Billboard hot 100 charts by the single called Run It, in 2005. His debut single topped the charts in so many countries as well as in USA. He released his second album called Exclusive in the year of 2007. This album gave him his second number 1 Billboard Hot hundred song. That song name is Kiss Kiss. In addition to this album he made more hit singles like Forever and With You. This album was certified as double Platinum by Recording Industry of America.

In 2009, Chris Brown found guilty by hitting his girlfriend called Rihanna. In that year, he took so many negative attentions of media. He was sentenced to 6 months community service and 5 years of probation. His third album called Graffiti was released in 2010 and produced hit singles like I Can Transform Ya. In the year of 2011, he released his fourth Studio album called FAME. This album becomes his first number one in Billboard hot 200 charts. It produced hit singles like Beautiful People, Yeah 3x and Look At Me Now. This album gave him his first Grammy Award for the Best Rnb Album of The Year. His album called X, which was released in the year of 2012. critically it received normalised ratings by giving 63 out of 100.

His acting career started in 2007 by the movie called Stomp The Yard. He also worked with several other movies such as This Christmas in that same year.  He was also acted in the movie called Takers, which was released in 2010, after that he participated in movie called Battle Of The Year which was released in 2013. Chris Brown received so many awards like 12 BET Music Awards, NAACP Image Awards and American Music Awards.

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Best Pop Music Song Of The Year 2015

Best pop music

Today we are going to focus on Best Pop Music of 2015, which is really very special song called Uptown Funk. It was released in the of 2014. This song is one of the best songs of all time in that same year and still continued to break other records in pop music. Some of the best pop music sites ranked this song as number one song on the Internet.

Uptown Funk is a single song composed by the producer Marc Robinson for his fourth studio album Uptown Special which was released in 2015. This song has featured american vocalist and recording artist called Bruno Mars . On 10 November, this song get released by the sony music entertainment. Writing and co-producing was made by Jeff Bhaskar.

Commercially, this song was so successful, it reached number 1 position on billboard hot 100 in US for 14 consecutive weeks also it reached number 1 position in USA for 7 weeks. This song topped the countries like Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Germany, France and many more. In UK the song was streamed more than 2.455 million times in various radio stations. Later this record broken by in the same year, that song called Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding. Which features more than 4.45 million streams. After 2 weeks later, this song broke this record again by streaming more than 15 million times. This song has sold more than 10 million records worldwide and becomes world’s best selling songs of all time.

In the year of 2015, this song received one of the best song award called British Music Awards that is for British song of The Year. It also got nomination for best collaboration but couldn’t win the award.

Uptown Funk song’s music video was directed by Bruno Mars. This video features really dark and shiny colours of clothes wearing by artists like Marc Ronson . This video again featured and shot in various cities where ronson performed. It was released in 17 november 2015. On 19 november 2015 the video of this music was released on YouTube vevo, which received more than 750 million views. Which is one of the highest viewed youtube video of all time.

Ok let’s focus on some the background of this song. In 2012, Mark Ronson worked with Bruno Mars for Bruno’s album called Locked Out of Heaven. Ronson co-written so many songs from this album, that is why he decided to work with Bruno Mars for his upcoming album called Uptown Special 2015. Whenever and wherever they get time to record this album they spent time on this project. The recording of the song was made in various cities of USA and UK. Kiran interview with capital fm, Ronson stated that he and Bruno are working with a song. This is how they made a world number one song which is by the way far from their thinking.

A Short Story About Backstreet Boys

Biggest Boy Band In The World

Today we are going to discuss about world’s biggest boy band of time they are none other than backstreet boys. Right now biggest boy band in the world is one direction but they are not popular as these pop band did in their decade of 90’s, this boy band was so much popular for their dance and emotional music styles. Their unique beats in their audio and the most importantly these boys were dancers too. They danced in so many videos of their music. So let’s dive into more depth about this boy band.

Backstreet boys mostly known as bsb. This band is an American vocal group formed in orlando. They met each other in 1993 in a great city of florida. Aj mcqueen, nick carter kevin richardson these are the 5 stars of bsb.

1996 this band create an album called back street boys which made famous in

The following year  by releasing their second international album backstreet back.

There’s superstardom started with the album called millennium holiday by black and live in 2000. After couple of years this group come back and released new album never gone In 2005. In 2012 backstreet boys in a house that richardson has returned them permanently and I’m going to leave again the next day celebrated 20th anniversary and release the world famous song in a world like this 2013.

The next day celebrated 20th anniversary and release the world famous song in a world like this in 2013.

The group also released a documentary movie in the same here which was backstreet boys show em what you’re made of january in 2015.

Backstreet boys have many awards, they have sold over 130 million records worldwide making them the best selling boy band in history, nobody has ever done that in the past, the world’s best selling music artist the first group after said to have their first nine albums reached the top ten on the billboard.

They also received a star on the hollywood walk of fame on 22 april 2013. There is no doubt that these were best in the music and always be. The unforgettable vocals and lyrics always banged my to the wall. So many girls around the world felt for them, boys went crazy when they perform in their live shows and concerts. The one fact is undeniable that no other boy band took popularity like these five members took in the 90’s music. I hope you enjoyed this post on Backstreet boys. If you like backstreet boys then might also like Top 10 Trance Songs of all time. Fans like you always inspire me to write more and more articles on music. Please do Share it on your social media.

Quit Playing Games by Backstreet Boys, A Story Behind This Song

Quit playing games with my heart

Today we are going to discuss about the world famous song called Quit playing games with my heart, which was recorded and performed by the world famous boy band called Backstreet boys. In 90s, these boy’s were biggest boy band in the world. They have sold more than 100 million copies worldwide. TODAY, they are legends in music FIELD, and because of that we are taking one of the biggest single a song of all time of their career. When these boys songs get released nobody knew about this boy band nobody knew how big they are but once they got released their songs, they manage to drawn mainstream popularity to their way. They have received so many awards like American music award, Grammy awards, MTV music awards and lot more. These guys were best in 90s music. So let’s dive into the deep of their music ocean.

Quit playing games with my heart is a single song by american boy band called backstreet boys. It was fourth single song of their debut album which is also called backstreet boys debut album. The single has reached number 2 position in Austria, United Kingdom, number 3 in New Zealand and topped the charts in many other countries. It reached number 2 position on billboard hot 100 in 1996. This song was recorded in sweden in 1995, letter it was released in the year of 1996. This boy band group supposed to have this song as a B side song of there album but later the record label refused there argument and they included this song in their debut album. Later it became worldwide sensation for boy band group. It never reached number one position because of puff Diddy and Maria Carey, they hit their song as number one but no chance for this song as number 1 in that same year and same month.

By talking about this song promotion, first it was planned as to be released as radio airplay but later chosen this song as a music video for MTV and it becomes one of the most spectacular music video events of their career.

Quit playing games with my heart’s music video was shot in a school in Florida, USA. The starting supposed to be as boy band has supposed to be perform some dance routines but as director opposed to dance for the boys. Later it was accepted by him. While starting with the music video of the song the boys wearing white shirts which half button. This music video of the song was supposed to be shown as boy band dancing in rain. They did at it was pre-planned, which is so cool for the audience. Music video was recorded in 1995 but later it was premiered on tv july 1997.

This article was written for only one purpose that is 90s music lovers. I hope you enjoyed this post.