Happy Little Pill – Troye Sivan

Today we are going discuss about one of the best loving artist from Australia. He is a rising artists like Sia. Sia had really very great success with her singles like Titanium and Chandelier. Now there is one more artist coming from the same country who is called Troye Sivan. He released a single called Happy Little Pill, which is one of the most successful song of his career. So let’s focus on some of the detailed information about this song –

The song “Happy Little Pill” was the second single from Troye Sivan, who is an Australian singer-songwriter. The producers of this song were Tong AlexJL, Hiew SLUPS and Troge Sivan. The lyrics of this song was written by Brandon Rodgers, Tat Tong and Troye Sivan. This song was released on 25th July 2014. The lyrics of this song indicates about different ways that people cope with the things and loneliness. Troye Sivan stated that he wrote this song during a bit of tough timing with someone super close to him.

A Music video of Happy Little Pill was posted on his vevo YouTube Page by Troye Sivan, it was directed by Jeremy Koren.

The reviews of this song from music critics were positive. Once Mike Wass Said that song Happy Little Pill was a surprisingly mature pop anthem and he also praised for this song. Abby Abrams praised for its production and lyrics of this song. This song took influence from some modern music styles and down tempo electro pop.

Song Happy Little Pill reached at number 10 position on the Australian ARIA singles chart by selling 35,000 copies. This was certified gold by the Australian Recording Industry Association. In Finland, it peaked at number on position on Suomen Vivallinen latauslista. It reached number 2 position on Recorded Music N2 in New Zealand. On the US billboard hot 100 charts it reached at number 92 position.

This song has received so many positive reviews from their fans and acclaim for its mature sound. This song has really very good vocals on it. I recommend this song to some of closest friends. They stated that who is this? I said he is Troye Sivan. They were like this, What? I said Yes. They got surprised when they listened to the song, they were also decided to buy this song. I know you folks are also fans of this artist that’s why you are reading this article.

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