Tired of Being Sorry By Enrique Iglesias

tired of being sorry enrique iglesias

Today we are going to discuss about one of the greatest singer in the world called Enrique Iglesias. Nobody could match his vocals style. He is so unique in the music industry and today we are going to discuss about he’s one of the greatest hits single song called “Tired of Being Sorry.” It was his one of the most successful single song of all time. So let’s focus on some of the details of the song –

It is song by Spanish singer and songwriter called Enrique Iglesias which was released in the year of 2007 from his album called Insomniac. It achieved success in European countries in 2007 topping the charts in top 10 positions. In the year of 2008, it was recorded with French singer called Nadiya. It become hit  in countries like Belgium and France.

It is a cover song of band called Ringside. It was written and produced by Scott Thomas who is the lead singer and writer of this Indie Band.

The music video of this song was directed by Jessy Terroro. Jessy worked previously with Enrique in music video called Do You Know. Music video of this song was inspired by the movie called Blade. In the video of the song depict Eglesias as a Vampire perched to the top of a building from the Los Angeles Skyline, remembering how he was turned.

He started with an argument to his girlfriend and later found a vampire looking girl in the middle of the street. Seductive model was none other than Donna Feldman. In this video he start following her she took him into the club and later bite him on his nake.

Enrique started examining his nake in the mirror and found the bite on his neck, later he realised that his reflection get disappeared. In the end of the video Enrique met up with his girlfriend and get disappeared in a thin air.

Now let’s focus on the some charts positions of the song. In Russia, it was certified as 3 times platinum by selling more than 600 thousand copies. It top the chart in Romania. However it reached at number 20 position in the United Kingdom which is lower than his previous released song Do You Know.

Critically, this song received so many positive reviews from the music critics. Music critics praised for its catchy melodies and great vocals by Enrique Iglesias. The lead instrument used in the song was a guitar. This song influenced by other music genres like pop and Rnb. If You like this article then you have to check this article on 90s Hits List songs.


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