Best Pop Music Song Of The Year 2015

Best pop music

Today we are going to focus on Best Pop Music of 2015, which is really very special song called Uptown Funk. It was released in the of 2014. This song is one of the best songs of all time in that same year and still continued to break other records in pop music. Some of the best pop music sites ranked this song as number one song on the Internet.

Uptown Funk is a single song composed by the producer Marc Robinson for his fourth studio album Uptown Special which was released in 2015. This song has featured american vocalist and recording artist called Bruno Mars . On 10 November, this song get released by the sony music entertainment. Writing and co-producing was made by Jeff Bhaskar.

Commercially, this song was so successful, it reached number 1 position on billboard hot 100 in US for 14 consecutive weeks also it reached number 1 position in USA for 7 weeks. This song topped the countries like Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Germany, France and many more. In UK the song was streamed more than 2.455 million times in various radio stations. Later this record broken by in the same year, that song called Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding. Which features more than 4.45 million streams. After 2 weeks later, this song broke this record again by streaming more than 15 million times. This song has sold more than 10 million records worldwide and becomes world’s best selling songs of all time.

In the year of 2015, this song received one of the best song award called British Music Awards that is for British song of The Year. It also got nomination for best collaboration but couldn’t win the award.

Uptown Funk song’s music video was directed by Bruno Mars. This video features really dark and shiny colours of clothes wearing by artists like Marc Ronson . This video again featured and shot in various cities where ronson performed. It was released in 17 november 2015. On 19 november 2015 the video of this music was released on YouTube vevo, which received more than 750 million views. Which is one of the highest viewed youtube video of all time.

Ok let’s focus on some the background of this song. In 2012, Mark Ronson worked with Bruno Mars for Bruno’s album called Locked Out of Heaven. Ronson co-written so many songs from this album, that is why he decided to work with Bruno Mars for his upcoming album called Uptown Special 2015. Whenever and wherever they get time to record this album they spent time on this project. The recording of the song was made in various cities of USA and UK. Kiran interview with capital fm, Ronson stated that he and Bruno are working with a song. This is how they made a world number one song which is by the way far from their thinking.


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