Quit Playing Games by Backstreet Boys, A Story Behind This Song

Quit playing games with my heart

Today we are going to discuss about the world famous song called Quit playing games with my heart, which was recorded and performed by the world famous boy band called Backstreet boys. In 90s, these boy’s were biggest boy band in the world. They have sold more than 100 million copies worldwide. TODAY, they are legends in music FIELD, and because of that we are taking one of the biggest single a song of all time of their career. When these boys songs get released nobody knew about this boy band nobody knew how big they are but once they got released their songs, they manage to drawn mainstream popularity to their way. They have received so many awards like American music award, Grammy awards, MTV music awards and lot more. These guys were best in 90s music. So let’s dive into the deep of their music ocean.

Quit playing games with my heart is a single song by american boy band called backstreet boys. It was fourth single song of their debut album which is also called backstreet boys debut album. The single has reached number 2 position in Austria, United Kingdom, number 3 in New Zealand and topped the charts in many other countries. It reached number 2 position on billboard hot 100 in 1996. This song was recorded in sweden in 1995, letter it was released in the year of 1996. This boy band group supposed to have this song as a B side song of there album but later the record label refused there argument and they included this song in their debut album. Later it became worldwide sensation for boy band group. It never reached number one position because of puff Diddy and Maria Carey, they hit their song as number one but no chance for this song as number 1 in that same year and same month.

By talking about this song promotion, first it was planned as to be released as radio airplay but later chosen this song as a music video for MTV and it becomes one of the most spectacular music video events of their career.

Quit playing games with my heart’s music video was shot in a school in Florida, USA. The starting supposed to be as boy band has supposed to be perform some dance routines but as director opposed to dance for the boys. Later it was accepted by him. While starting with the music video of the song the boys wearing white shirts which half button. This music video of the song was supposed to be shown as boy band dancing in rain. They did at it was pre-planned, which is so cool for the audience. Music video was recorded in 1995 but later it was premiered on tv july 1997.

This article was written for only one purpose that is 90s music lovers. I hope you enjoyed this post.


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