World’s Best Dance Music Producer Hardwell

Best dance music producer

Today everybody loves dance music musicians and dance music. Where some of them great and some of them average musicians, but today we are going to focus on number 1 dj in the world, who is none other than hardwell. So many people talk about him so many people wants to know about him but only few people know about him. And I am one of them, today I’m gonna give you a detailed information about hardwell.

Robert DE Van Corput is a electro house music and trance music producer. This artist raised in netherlands. In 2013, dj mag listed him as number 1 dj in the world. He has found his own record label called revealed recordings. Hardwell took popularity from festivals like tomorrowland and ultra music fest. He has his own youtube channel where he released hit song called spaceman which received more than 100 million views, Show me love give him the popularity in 2009. He also has his own radio station which features other trance musicians and their acts.

He has released his debut album in January 2015 using his own record label. He also created on his own documentary movie. While talking about his earlier life he learnt piano, synthesizer and other digital music production software like logic pro to create decent music. Hardwell inspired by best djs of mtv. Later he signed with a record label then he started performing in various clubs and party shows in netherlands. His parents never allowed him to go out in night clubs perform his music but their parents never know he’s a god given talent.

When he was a kid, he enrolled in various music academies also join rock music academy. In rock music academy a teacher told him, quit learning music and start music career, later he get discover by artist call bradar and tiesto. These two guys were he’s inspiration and mentor too. He recorded a song with tiesto. It reached number one position on billboard and remain number one for several weeks on iTunes. By using this song, he topped several countries like canada usa uk japan and other european countries. He’s single called spaceman given him main stream popularity in the world. His style of music was so different than others, his creativity is far more than other dj’s and musicians. When I first listen to the song created by him I was gone completely mad about his music. If you like this article about Hardwell then you may check this article about 90s dance music here :


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