One of the Best Songs of 2014, Blank Space by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift blank space

As we know Taylor Swift is a biggest female artist in the music industry. Her previously released songs were number one songs in various countries. And now, today we are going to discuss about her 2014 released song called Blank Space. Let’s dive into more details about this song –

Blank space written by American singer songwriting Taylor Swift. It was 2 single from her latest album called 1989. The first single of this album was Shake it off. This song also was performed by Taylor Swift in various TV  shows and Award Functions. This song lyrics written by Taylor Swift, Max Martin and Shellback. Republic records released this song in radio on November 10, 2014.

If talking about this song musically, this song is mixed bag of some electro and Pop music combination, we could easily say it as a electropop music. The Song’s lyrics were so intense about love and the personal life love relationship about Taylor Swift.

Following her second single Shake it off, this song reached number 1 spot in the Billboard Hot 100 charts. She broke 56 years of record with this success. This song topped other countries such as Canada, South Africa and Australia. By the end of the year Time and Rolling Stone described this song as number 2 and 6 in the list of best songs of 2014. Village Voice’s annual year end, it peaked the number one spot in this list.

Joseph kehn directed this Song’s music video, it took him to shot this video around three to complete it. This was received first television performance at 2014 American Music Award. It was also secretly showed to her fans at Iheartradio in 27 October, 2014.

According hot digital songs, it has sold more than 155,000 copies in its first week. It took number one place in this chart following shake it off, it was the ninth number one single of this charts. Taylor stood at number 3 in most digital sells tying with Eminem and Surpassed Rihanna for the most number one debut songs. It sold even more copies in its second week by selling 165,000 copies, increased by 5% following the first week.

After third week this song sold 365,000 copies which was way more higher than previous weeks. In the Same week music video of this song was released and that’s it jumped higher in the charts.

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