The Best 90’s Dance Song.

Dance Music floor It’s been so confusing to me that which songs are best in the 90’s, but finally thinking lots of time plus their charts position, critics reviews and audience opinion finally I decided these songs to be the best songs of 90’s. Let’s dive into the top songs list –

1. Barbie Girl –  Aqua

Barbie Girl Is a song by the Danish pop dance group called Aqua. This song was released in may 1997 as their third single song of their album called aquarium. After an exhibit kitsch culture the group started working on this song, lyrics of the song were written by Johnny Mosegaard Pedersen.

Barbie Girl topped the charts worldwide particularly in most of the European countries like UK. In this country the song remains at number one position for back to back 3 weeks. It also top the charts in Australia at number one position for the same 3 weeks. It took place in billboard hot 100 at number 7, which is their highest chart position in the United States till the date.

Lyrics of this song was between ken and Barbie. These dolls was by Mattel because this he reported a case against this pop dance group’s record label. But later, the case was refused by the supreme Court of USA. In 2009, Mattel re approved this song with some edited versions. He also used this song to his Barbie shops.

Critically Barbie didn’t performed so well, don’t why these big authors in the music get jealous. Rolling Stone described this song at number 7 as worst song ever. In 2007, Much More Music featured this song in top 50 guilty pleasures. Rolling Stone readers voted this song as number one song annoying song. Blender magazine voted this as 33rd worst song ever.

Barbie Girl has sold 1.8 million copies in UK and 8 million copies worldwide. This is the 13th best selling single song in the United Kingdom. Music of this song was repeatedly shown in 1997 on MTV. This song’s music video director was Peter Pedersen.

I still remember that this is the best dance songs of 90’s. Because the vocals and the music of this song were so fresh to listen. If I still plug my head phone to my mobile and listen to this song, it feels like, this song is jus released. What an epic record created by these Danish Dance Pop Music Group. If you like this article on best dance song of 90’s then you can check this article for more details –


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