Michael Jackson You Are Not Alone

You are not alone is a song composed and written by Michael Jackson in 1995. This song was released from his album called History – Past, Present and Future Book. This song was also written by the R&B Superstar R. Kelly. Michael and Kelly teamed up for this song, both of them produced this song. R. Kelly supported him when he was in trouble. This song was also included in R. Kelly’s Album called Love Letter.

Critically this song received positive reviews. It was Michael Jackson’s last number one US single. This song got nominated in Grammy Award and American Music Award. It was certified as platinum by RIAA. This is the first song after 37 years career of Billboard Charts that took number place.

The music video of this song featured his ex-wife Lisa Mary Presley. Both these stars showed half naked in this song’s video. Michael Jackson was personally attached to this song. He has also given some direction for the music video to express his emotions. I think this is the best melodic song produced by him.

Michael Jackson first performed this song at Soul Train Music Award in 1995 and later he performed the song at MTV music awards in 1995. This song was not fully sung by him at the performance because it get lip sync by him. The full version of this song was performed in Brunei show in 1996. But this with different theme, a lucky girl from the crowd will get a chance to dance with him. This is why the crowd of that show becomes so crazy to meet him and hug him. Later this song was included in Michael Jackson’s History world Tour. It was also included in the This Is It Tour but later shows had to cancel because the death of Michael.

This song melodies are so cool to listen. We always heard that Michael Jackson create bass first for any song but this time he changed his rules and created this song with a melody then added bass, rhythm and drums to the song. Lyrics of this song is so touchy and meaning full. Hopefully, he didn’t dance that much to this song. Actually he wanted to do some dance routines but the director of this video said that we should show the real feelings of love. Dancing is not necessary to make this video as his Video director said. What so ever, I think this song is one of the best love songs created by Michael Jackson. If you want more about Michael Jackson Songs then you should go here for more details : http://www.vishalpawarsongs.com/michael-jackson-songs-an-out-of-this-world-songs-list/


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