Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal

Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal

Smooth criminal is a 7th single from his album called Bad. The song was written by Michael Jackson the song is about a girl who was attacked in her apartment. Smooth Criminal was first title for this album but later it was changed by Quincy Jones because he didn’t like the title. This song was released in 24th October 1988.

It reached number 7 spot in billboard hot 100. Later it was released in 2006. The Video for the song ranked at number 14 in UK.

Smooth Criminal is well known as the dance routine of this song. Michael Jackson and his choreographer, choreographed the entire routine for the song. The best thing about this song is that he used an antigravity shoes for the video to attend a revolutionary dance move. It cost him more than 2 million dollars to make those shoes. This song was purely dedicated to one of influencers to the dance.

He performed this song each and every show he made for his fans, from 1988 to 1999. He continously performed this song. Smooth Criminal alone sold more than 7.2 million copies. This song is one of his signature songs. It was included in his number ones album.

Michael Jackson wanted to make this video in western style and give modern touch to it, but after watching a 1930’s, he decided to make a video which looks 30s gangster style.

This song video’s 45 degree was created by using wires but when it to performance, using wires was not a thing for him. Then he took the charge and creates a new style of shoes which will bend the man in 45 degree. Later he patented his discovery for the shoes.

Michael Jackson was a king. He inspired so many musicians in the world. He has popularized so many dance routine in 1980’s, just like the Moonwalker and the robot dancing. I have never seen a who is passionate about dancing likes of him, to attend a dance move he invested more than 2 million dollars. It was shocking for any one who saw the video at the very first time as well as in the live performances.

This song is one of best dance songs of all time but there is lot more information I have covered in 90’s Dance Music. You may check this article. Which has featured the best dance songs of 90’s. You might be get surprised while reading the article.


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