Fire Burning By Sean Kingston

fire burning by sean kingston

Today we are going to focus on one of the most danceable song of all time, which is called Fire Burning, it was released by Sean Kingston. Sean Kingston produced very few recordings, but all of them were so popular songs in 2008 and 2009. “Fire Burning” is one of them. So let’s concentrate on some of the details of this song –

“Fire Burning” was released as the lead single by reggae musician Sean Kingston. It was his second studio album called Tomorrow.

The song was written by Bilal Hajji, Redone and Kisean Anderson. “Fire Burning” contain Dance Pop and Electro Pop music. The Tempo of This song was 120 beats per minute. The song’s instrument consists of percussive sounds and Heavy Synthesizers. To Promote this song, Sean released this song on his MySpace webpage. On April 24, 2009, it was released as digital download as well as promoted on radio stations. The music video of this song shows Sean Kingston’s Audi R8 in it. On June 15, 2009, Fire Burning music video was premiered on MTV. Iyaz and Rick Ross make a cameos appearance in the video. The music video of this song was directed by Gil Green. The song premiered first time by Sean Kingston for the first time at the Teen Choice Awards 2009.

“Fire Burning” generally received positive reviews from the music critics. From Digital Spy, Alex Gletcher told that “This song has all the making a classic summer anthem.” “The song was the most danceable single yet reviewed” by Michael Menachem from Billboard.

This song debuted at number 29 position on the Billboard hot 100 in the United States. On the Canadian hot hundred, the song reached at number two position and it remain for 8 weeks. It was at number 9 position in Japan hot 100. On the South African singles charts, it reached at number one. “Fire Burning” reached number 7 position on the US Billboard Pop Songs. It was certified silver in the United Kingdom, in the United States, this song was certified as 2 times platinum.

Till July 22, 2012,  this song sold over 3 million downloads. On his MySpace page, this song was played more than 13 million times.

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Mirrors By Justin Timberlake

Mirrors by Justin Timberlake

Today we are going to discuss about one of the most famous songs of all time, which is called Mirrors. This is the record produced by the American artist called Justin Timberlake, who was one the members from boy band called NSYNC. His previous recordings were pretty good but when he released his brand new album after 6 years later, his fans like awww… they just liked it, when he started to post things about his new music. So let’s focus on some of the detailed information about this song –

The song Mirrors was from third Studio album Called The 20/20 Experience, which was recorded by American singer-songwriter Justin Timberlake. This track was inspired by his grand parents. The genre of this song is R&B Ballad and Mid Tempo Pop. The music video of this song is an eight minute video. Justin Timberlake produced and wrote this song with Jerome, J-Roc, Harman and Timothu as well as Timbaland with Additional writing from James. Justin posted an audio clip on his official website by saying this song is very special for him on March 21, 2013. The song has slow tempo of 77 beats per minute. “Mirrors” music video was directed by Floria Sigismondi and choreographed by Noemie Lafrance.

“Mirrors” received positive reviews from the music critics. From the Vibes’s Charley Rogulewski wrote that “Justin Renders the song more like a pop performer than R&B.”
“Mirrors” sold 163,000 copies in its first week of United States and it debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts at number 24 position. This song also topped on Adult Pop Songs Charts and picked number 8 position on the Adult Contemporary Chart. On March 03, 2013 this song entered at number one position on the UK singles charts. It was certified platinum as by Bundesverband Musikindustry and reached number two position on the German singles charts. “Mirrors” sold more than 2.9 million copies in the United States and certified double Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America and it was also certified platinum by Music Canada.

This song was performed on Saturday Night Live and The Ellen Degeneres Show. Timberlake and Taylor Swift performed this song together in Taylor’s Tour Called 1989. This song became one of the best songs of of Justin in his music Career. This song was released after 6 years later. Between this period he focused on his acting career.

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Remember The Time By Michael Jackson

Remember the Time By Michael Jackson

Today we are going to discuss about one of the most successful single a song of Michael Jackson from his album called Dangerous . This song was released in 1992 and set at the end of new version of Dance Music and swing Style of music. So let’s focus on some of the detailed information about this song –

Remember The Time was a second single from 8th Studio album called Dangerous . This song was written by Teddy Riley Bernard Bailey and Michael Jackson. It was produced by Jackson and Teddy Riley. This song was released on January 14 1992. The music of this song was compared with the R&B song, which is called Rock With You from the album called Off The Wall. It was a new swing song with lyrics recalls youthful love affair.

This song received good reviews from the music critics. From Allmusic Martin told that, album Dangerous had plenty of good songs and Remember The Time is one of them. Writer from Rolling Stone said that Remember The Time what’s the most lighthearted musical track on the album.

On March 7 1992, this song picked at Number 3 position on the Billboard hot 100 after 5 weeks of music release. It reached at number 2 position in Dance or club play song on April 4 1992 and also reached at 15 position in adult contemporary on March 21 1992. In New Zealand, it top the chart for 2 weeks . It picked at Number Four position in Switzerland. On February 2, 1992, this song was premiered on Fox Black Entertainment Television and MTV. It was certified gold by RIAA.

The music video of the song shows that a queen from Egypt, which she got bored with her daily routine life and the reason why she called some people from other countries to entertain her . After few performances Michael Jackson appeared and he entertain the queen in a different style.

If you ever heard this song, you probably noticed that this song has so many unique music beats, each and every piece of musical instrument used in this song was unique, that’s why I really like this song. Music video of this song has very unique dance moves that’s why it becomes So Popular in that year. Michael Jackson never perform this song in His live shows, except one show that he perform live but he never danced on this song. He didn’t danced on that song while sitting on a wheelchair because he got injured in that live performance. If you like this article about Michael Jackson’s Remember The Time then you might also like his Dirty Diana song at here :

Happy Little Pill – Troye Sivan

Today we are going discuss about one of the best loving artist from Australia. He is a rising artists like Sia. Sia had really very great success with her singles like Titanium and Chandelier. Now there is one more artist coming from the same country who is called Troye Sivan. He released a single called Happy Little Pill, which is one of the most successful song of his career. So let’s focus on some of the detailed information about this song –

The song “Happy Little Pill” was the second single from Troye Sivan, who is an Australian singer-songwriter. The producers of this song were Tong AlexJL, Hiew SLUPS and Troge Sivan. The lyrics of this song was written by Brandon Rodgers, Tat Tong and Troye Sivan. This song was released on 25th July 2014. The lyrics of this song indicates about different ways that people cope with the things and loneliness. Troye Sivan stated that he wrote this song during a bit of tough timing with someone super close to him.

A Music video of Happy Little Pill was posted on his vevo YouTube Page by Troye Sivan, it was directed by Jeremy Koren.

The reviews of this song from music critics were positive. Once Mike Wass Said that song Happy Little Pill was a surprisingly mature pop anthem and he also praised for this song. Abby Abrams praised for its production and lyrics of this song. This song took influence from some modern music styles and down tempo electro pop.

Song Happy Little Pill reached at number 10 position on the Australian ARIA singles chart by selling 35,000 copies. This was certified gold by the Australian Recording Industry Association. In Finland, it peaked at number on position on Suomen Vivallinen latauslista. It reached number 2 position on Recorded Music N2 in New Zealand. On the US billboard hot 100 charts it reached at number 92 position.

This song has received so many positive reviews from their fans and acclaim for its mature sound. This song has really very good vocals on it. I recommend this song to some of closest friends. They stated that who is this? I said he is Troye Sivan. They were like this, What? I said Yes. They got surprised when they listened to the song, they were also decided to buy this song. I know you folks are also fans of this artist that’s why you are reading this article.

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I knew You Were Trouble By Taylor Swift

I Inew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift

I Knew You Were Trouble, it is a song which was released by American singer-songwriter called Taylor Swift from her first video album, which is called red was released in 2012. This album was released on October 9 2012 in the United States by the record label called big machine records as the third promotional single from the album. This song was released without single from the same album on November 27 2012 in the USA. It was written by Max Martin, Shellback and by Taylor Swift. Later, it was produced by shell back and Martin.

This song received many positive reviews from the music critics. This song was experimented with dubstep as relatively limited. From strong digital sales this song debuted at number three position on the Billboard Hot 100, by selling more than 400,000 copies within its first week. Its makes swift 14th single in the top ten. Later it peaked at number two in 2013 after Bruno Mars song called” Locked out of heaven”. In 2013 YouTube Music Awards this song received YouTube phenomenon. This song was certified as quintuple platinum by Recording Industry of America. This song is one of the best selling singles songs of all time, by selling more 6.6 million units worldwide.

At the 2012 Iheartradio Music Festival in Las Vegas, she told Rolling Stone magazine that she would start unveiling her studio album called Red. “From this week I am Gonna Start new music that I really want to be so many surprises left on the record by collaborating that haven’t been talked about, which make the album unique.” Taylor Swift explain that she always think about that what need to be done with this song – “ooh, how are we gonna play this song in concert? How would be the costume? How will be the lightening like?” So that is why this song stood to her for its visual aspect was called I knew You Were Trouble.

It was written by Max Martin, Shellback and Taylor Swift. On Good Morning America, this song was previewed. Taylor Swift said that this song is one her favorite song of this album. This song reflect about frustration with yourself and your heart is broken. First, the media form a theory that this song was related to her ex-boyfriend Singer Called John Mayer. In an interview with MTV she explained how the good girl fall in love with a bad boy.

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California Gurls By Katy Perry

best california gurls song

Today we are going to discuss about one of the greatest song of Katy Perry from the album ” Teenage Dream” which is called California Gurls. Now lets focus on some of the detail information about the song.

It is a song by American singer called Katy Perry, this song was from her third Studio album which was released in 2010 called ” Teenage Dream”. It features American rapper called Snoop Dogg. Both of these artists wrote this song with the Bonnie Mckee and its producers were Dr. Live and Max Martin, with some of the additional production from Benny Blanco . According to Katy, this song is an answer to the song ” Empire State of My Mind” which was released in 2009 and produced by Jay Z and Alicia Keys. California Gurls is a Funk and disco pop music with influences of new electro pop and wave. Some of its lyrics are in order to the state of California, in which both Snoop Dogg and Perry where they born and raised.

This song gained positive reviews from the music critics with the majority of listeners it became summer anthem as well as complementing its beats and production. This song was originally intended to be sent to mainstream rhythmic airplay on 25th May 2010. The song debuted on May 7, 2010 from the album ” Teenage Dream” which was lick on the internet . The song was a world wild hit and it picking at the number one position on the Billboard hot 100 for more than 6 consecutive weeks. It gave her second US number one single and Snoop doggs third number one single. It reached number 1 position over 10 countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Music video of this song was released on June 15, 2010 and it feature perry and her dancers as pieces of a board game, it was set in the fictional candifornia . Music video of the song was inspired by the artist Will Cotton according to Katy Perry.

So let’s focus on some of the background information about this song. In an Interview with head quarters, at the time Chris Anokute told that while traveling perry text him and said that “she did not think the album was finished and she needed one more song.” She told that she wanted to write the song about California Gurls. In the Photoshoot of Rolling Stone magazine on April 2010, she revealed details about this song, it is a response to Jay Z’s song called Empire State of Mind.

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Teenage Dream Album By Katy Perry

teenage dream album

Today we are going to discuss about one of the greatest albums released in the world by any other artist which is called Teenage Dream. It is a album from the American singer-songwriter Katy Perry, she is one of the most famous personality in the music industry. Now let’s focus on the some of the detail information about this album –

It is the third Studio album by American singer-songwriter called Katy Perry, which was released on August 24, 2010. It was released by Capitol Records. The album contains some of the genres like Dance pop and pop music with influences of Disco Funk, electronic house, Gothic Rock high energy and hip hop. The song inspired the people around the teenage love partying, self improvement and personal improvement. Katy wrote each song of this album and she also worked with new producers and writers including Dr. Luke, Max Martin, Benny blanco, Tricky Stewart, Greg Kurstin, StarGate and Ester Dean.

From the release, this album received mixed reviews from the music critics. Who praised for its production, themes and Katy’s songwriting. This album took place at number 1 position on the US Billboard 200 by selling more than 192,000 copies in its first week. The song certified double Platinum by the “Recording Industry Association of America” by selling more than 2.9 million copies in the United States alone. It is in the top 40 of the Billboard 200 Year End Charts for 3 years in a row.

In October 2013, this album has sold 5.7 million copies worldwide. This album gave Katy Perry’s 7 Grammy Award nomination including Best Pop Vocal Album, Album of The Year and Record of The Year as well as winning the international Album of The Year at the Juno Awards of 2011. It produced the number 1 singles like California Gurls, Teenage Dreams and later produced the number 1 singles like Firework and Last Friday Night. E.T. is only single that took number 3 position on the Billboard hot 100. This album is the second album in the history to have five number one singles from the one album after Michael Jackson’s 1987 album called Bad. It achieved by only one female artist who is none other than Katy Perry. It is a third album in the history to produced 8 top 5 hit singles. This album has sold more than 2 million digital downloads in the US alone and setting a record in the digital Era for the most multi-platinum single song from one album. It has broken the previous record of the Fergie’s debut album The Duchess, which was released in 2006. It has 5 multi-platinum songs.

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